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you ever look at someone after finding out their age and you’re like you’re not that age. you aren’t that old. you are not 43 joel pearce heyman. why do you not age are you a vampire tell us your secrets.

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In case anyone cared - here’s the close up of the GotG Red Team parody poster from this prank on my roommate.


JJ, gus, and geoff in the new rt recap

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international cut your hair like your icon day how screwed are you

Favourites fan arts: Burial at sea, Bioshock Infinite.

Credits (1,2,3,4).

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"You can’t sit on my throne today, but sharesies are more than welcome right here.”

She died in her real life and that’s all the Director ever remembered of her. So now, no matter how tough she is, no matter how hard she fights, she’s always going to fail because that’s what’s she’s based on.


God, I don’t make enough fanart for this show. But I do absolutely love RWBY. And Penny is freaking adorable. But then again, what am I saying? They’re all precious haha. 

Click dat high res for a better view of it.